Think Globally,
Act Vocally

About the M'EarthTones…

The M’Earthtones, whose mission statement is “Creating Harmony in a Dissonant World,” encourages their audiences to “think globally, act vocally.” Their repertoire includes 4 – 7 part vocal arrangements of songs ranging from contemporary to ancient songs from countries such as France, Italy, Israel, England, Africa and the United States. The ensemble is comprised of eight men and eight women who travel from different parts of the Bay area— San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland, Palo Alto Menlo Park, and 3 members from Half Moon Bay — to meet weekly to rehearse in San Mateo. They have been delighting area audiences for the past 5 years at venues such as The Little Fox in Redwood City, The San Francisco Free Folk Festival, The Cayuga Vault in Santa Cruz and at numerous house concerts throughout the Peninsula.
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Kris Yenney, conductrix, cellist, composer and educator - holds a couple of really impressive music degrees, several prestigious awards and has performed all across the States, in Canada, Jamaica, France, England, Scotland & India... In June 2007 Kris travels to Eastern Europe to conduct the awardwinning Palo Alto Chamber Orchestra on Tour in several Major Cities, including Budapest, Vienna, Prague... She has spent her checkered past as a member of several chamber groups - the New England String Quartet (NESQ) of Boston, the Palo Alto Sunrise Quartet, Trio Con Brio, the Left Coast Ensemble, to name a few..].Kris collaborates regularly with numerous Bay Area organizations as diverse as the San Jose Symphony, the Midsummer Mozart, West Bay Opera and San Jose Opera orchestras and Theatreworks. With the Neo-medieval/Celtic Band, “Broceliande,” Kris has performed and recorded extensively. She has studied Raga in India, Fiddling in Scotland, and has served as “shamanic cellist” to some visionary Sound-Healers in performance at International Sound Healing Conferences..


Bonnie Michal Berg – Holistic Registered Nurse .... A high note soprano M'Earthmaker, courageous guitar player, garden designer, dance lover, earth, animal and people care giver; interested in vibrant health and yummy food, sparking ideas, making music with friends, exploring oceans in kayak, reveling in Nature with backpack, recycling in creative ways, resale wardrobe shopping. Drawn to the Light and anything sparkly. Yoga, Qi Gong and Tai Chi teaching. Living her purpose through all this and her core level healing work practice, Living in Balance

Linda Grace Frost –– treasurer and Spirit Keeper. First time on stage at age three singing and dancing "Good Morning Mary Sunshine" in a tutu no bigger than a bagel. Performed in musical theatre and various choirs from child hood to the present. Was a band booster mom when my daughters were growing up. Now reveling in post-menopausal zest, teaching folk dance, yoga and chanting, loving singing Kirtan and with the M'EarthTones and leading community rituals and celebrations in the Dagara tradition.

Benita Kenn –– Benita Kenn is a reformed Alto who found her way to M'earth and vocal redemption in Soprano-land. In another life Benita is a singer/songwriter, performer and independent recording artist, whose CD, ROADS, was released several years ago and received glowing reviews. In yet another life she is a seasoned PR pro whose hightech PR work in SillyCon Valley for over 15 years has paid the rent.
Benita, Bonnie, Linda and Katie

Katie Peuvrelle A M'Earthtones newbie, Katie is thrilled to lend her voice and enthusiasm to the Soprano 2 section. She particularly enjoys being right next to the most beautiful and highest notes known to womankind in Soprano 1 land, and simply gets a thrill out of this whole singing thing. In her other life, Katie coaches athletes, artists, businesses, and people just like you and me to the greatest heights they can imagine for their lives and creative and/or competitive performances. In her 'spare' time, she enjoys yoga, dance, choreographing for figure skaters and horse vaulters, and traveling to Italy.


Carol (Cski)) Lewandowski: Crooning choir consorter, nitty gritty necessitator, M'Earthful music memorizer, grateful group gatheree, card carrying coastal confederate, and all around handy gal. Carol has a CD, "Patch of Sunshine" and is a member of the World Harmony Chorus.

Ellen Silva: By day: Webmaster, graphics wizard & muralist. By night: Harmonizer of M’Earthy delight; singersongwriter, guitarist & bandleader of “Island Dream” with 3 CDs of original “tropical pop” to her credit; guitarist & singer with Tikitones, (Island-Swing trio), and tenor with Gryphon Carollers for 21 years. First band: PreTeenTones (age 12, Monkees/Beatles covers).

Holly Thuman: (Librarian, Keeper of the Archives) has been with the Mearthtones since before we had a name. Having such a wide range of musical interests ensures that she is a master of none, but she delights in studying, playing and singing music at every turn of the road.

Nettie, Carol, Holly and Ellen
Nettie Wijsman: Nettie is one of the M’Earthtones’ original members, beginning with the group after returning from Cuba with the World Harmony Chorus. She sings alto in Mearthtones and she also sings with a small women’s Slavic group, Born to Drone. She grew up playing classical violin, but switched focus to folk music as an adult. Nettie is an Occupational Therapist, and when not involved in music, Nettie helps patch together broken bodies by helping with ergonomic set-ups in a variety of work settings. She is the resident brownie maker.


David Wenrick: David thanks everyone involved in the group for the scholarship granted to him allowing him to participate despite the lack of his experience and ability.

Larry Rosenthal: When not embarrassing himself and his family attempting to sing tenor, Larry Rosenthal is a baritone and the M'Earthtones' Resident Manager of Excess Syllables and Arcane Allusion. A member of the group since the days of our dear, departed Freyda Epstein, Larry pretends to have a day job educating wayward graduate students at UC Berkeley, where he is Executive Director of the Program on Housing and Urban Policy and a Lecturer at the Goldman School of Public Policy. His favorite interval by far is the tritone, if only because it offers such chromatic reciprocality and, thus, equipoise.

Tim, Larry, Dave and Tom

Tom Goering Tom is the M'Earthones' Farm Bureau Chief, and chimes in at tenor on the side. He came by his red neck honestly through a mid-western childhood blissfully free of oppression by culture of any kind, and now spends his time wondering what all the fuss is about.

Tim Nachtwey At 6'2" Tim is tall for the tenor position. However he is dedicated to the pursuit of global harmony and hopes to make a contribution through his spot on the tenor squad. While not on stage Tim performs as an office manager for a major (but secretive) textile importer.



Jack Ghiselli: Not just another pretty face, Jack can take dictation and type musical notations on paper. He finds this group the most fun ever to sing with, and is proud to provide the core Conservative value guidance and tutelage so eagerly requested by the younger members.

Daniel Lilienstein: Daniel is from a musical family, but surprised them all by going into space engineering. He'll at least try to sing any part, from croaks to squeaks, and occasionally cranks out 5-part arrangements of previously unproduced pieces of music.

Stephen Westfold: Stephen Westfold sings bass and photographs M'Earthtones' activities. He sings in various local ensembles including an Irish Gaelic Christmas choir in Santa Cruz. He came here from Australia in 1977 to go to graduate school at Stanford, then worked at a small computer software research company where he has been since 1981.
Daniel, Jack and Stephen


The M'EarthTones

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